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Our Approach is focused on matching solicitors with competent and cost-effective counsel: it is concerned with access, competence and price.

It has been recognised that, at least in fairly minor matters, solicitors are not briefing barristers (especially junior ones) because it is logistically too difficult. Relevant factors are:

  1. The circumstances in which counsel should be instructed (as opposed to appearing without an instructor);
  2. Formalities associated with briefing;
  3. Fees.

Barristers on the list will deal with these difficulties in a practical way.

They will endeavour to reduce costs by appearing uninstructed in the inferior courts where appropriate (balancing complexity and costs). For a solicitor this can mean they can concentrate on performing better remunerating solicitor's work without the loss of time and inconvenience of waiting on Court proceedings when their presence is not needed.

Difficulties with the formalities of briefing are resolved by reference to terms published on this site.

Fees are objectively low and transparent as generally set out on this site.

Please be aware that the ability to appear uninstructed will depend on the practice area, the complexity of the matter, the forum, the nature of the appearance and the attitude of the bench.